The Pink Tax

Nowadays, women pay more money for some products that have a masculine version but are packed specially for them. Products such as razors, toothbrushes and deodorant increase by between a twenty and a fifty percent its prices. This is the so called “pink tax”. Organitzations like Georgette Sand, among others, are trying to denounce this […]

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Internet Privacy

People post daily on the internet, however, many are unaware of how much data the internet holds against them. If a website is for free, then the users are the product. Check out this video to find out the statistics of privacy on the internet! By Israa Qeroof.

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Online shopping

With the help of Diego I will explain in this video, what onlineshopping is, how it works and I will mention some facts about it. Diego wants to buy a birthday present for his sister but he has only one week left. Perfect chance to try onlineshopping, where you can buy things and also services […]

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